Luz en la oscuridad

Retomo este poema de George Heath, poeta del siglo XIX, un extraordinario curandero de almas, para quien lo necesite, hoy y siempre:

When the soul is overwhelmed by the gloom,

Sadness, pain, and worry;

When the future looks dark as the grave,

And present a gulf of despair;

When life seems a lonely plague,

A burden we carry daily;

When hope flees quickly,

And the pleasure away fades away;

When the soul is tormented in solitude,

And he scolds his immutable fate;

When the heart in rock seems to coagulate,

Behind the unbearable weight of misfortune,

Maybe a sweet innocent child

Put a kiss on your pale cheek,

And say, “How I love you,” and smile

With a look of ineffable happiness.

Or perhaps a loving wife

Offer you hope even in the end;

Or your hand is held firmly

By the warm affection of a friend.

When beautiful and eloquent eyes

Fall tenderly upon yours;

When hearts pity yours,

Showing you are not alone;

What an unreachable ray of light

Thrill your soul and reach your humanity

Scattering the twilight of the night,

And bar your day to the dark.

And this will give you new courage and hope,

Lightening your burden, your tribulations;

It will give you strength to contain the afflictions,

And in despair you will never fall


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