18 perlas del Dalai Lama

Me han compartido esta mañana estas 18 perlas de sabiduría del honorable (y entrañable) Dalai Lama. Me parece fundamental compartirlas aquí, en el inglés original en que me llegaron.

Know that all great achievements involve risks that are sometimes just as great.
Even if you lose, try to get a lesson out of it.
Respect yourself, respect others, and take responsibility for what you do.
Sometimes it’s lucky not to get what you want.
Always take immediate steps to correct a mistake.
Don’t let little fights spoil a friendship.
Learning the rules make them easier to break. Know how to break them correctly.
Make sure you get a little bit of alone time every day
Be open to changes but don’t let go of your values.
Sometimes saying nothing is the right answer.
Live an honorable life; one you’ll be proud to look back on.
Foster a loving environment at home.
Don’t drudge up the past. When you find yourself in a disagreement, focus on the present.
Share what you know with the world
Be easy on the planet you call home.
Visit somewhere you’ve never been every year.
The best love is where love exceeds needing one another.
The greatest successes are determined by what you had to give up to achieve it.


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